Sunday, December 9, 2012

Foodstock in Melanchthon Township


Here's what had to say about Foodstock, an event we attended in late fall 2011:
"Foodstock brought the people out in droves on Sunday to a rainy, wooded potato farm 85 kilometers north of Toronto to sample gourmet, local dishes and to show their support for local agriculture that is up against a very serious threat in the region.
A swath of farmland north of Orangeville a third the size of downtown Toronto may be turned into what locals refer to as a "mega quarry" for mining limestone. Should the Melancthon Quarry come to be, it threatens to destroy a huge chunk of rich, agricultural land, to disrupt wildlife, and to drain a water table that is a valuable source for the surrounding area and everything south of it towards Lake Ontario."More on
We enjoyed a really grassroots-style one of a kind event out in the country-side, trying to withstand the cold and rain as long as it was fun. Some more pics here.