Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Canada National Day and Riverdale Farm

Just as last year we went up to Caledon to spent Canada Day in the sun. But this year, Johann was tall enough to go for a Pony ride. The toughest part was to get him back off the horse !!
For the latter part of the long weekend we went to Toronto's own Farm, a kind of Minizoo with lush surroundings. The pictures around the wading pool are taken when we thought we could cool off from our visit and relax a bit. But no, there were "bubbles"!!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Detroit trip 2011

Aiee, how I'm fed up seeing cars... the pictures from the Detroit zoo are much nicer....
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Johann's life

For the first part, some select pictures from Johann's activities at the daycare, at our dads group and "outside" (one of his favourite words).
For the second part, the pictures were taken at our outing to the "Taste of Little Italy", one of the street festivals Toronto is famous for, celebrating all things Italian...