Sunday, December 9, 2012

Foodstock in Melanchthon Township


Here's what had to say about Foodstock, an event we attended in late fall 2011:
"Foodstock brought the people out in droves on Sunday to a rainy, wooded potato farm 85 kilometers north of Toronto to sample gourmet, local dishes and to show their support for local agriculture that is up against a very serious threat in the region.
A swath of farmland north of Orangeville a third the size of downtown Toronto may be turned into what locals refer to as a "mega quarry" for mining limestone. Should the Melancthon Quarry come to be, it threatens to destroy a huge chunk of rich, agricultural land, to disrupt wildlife, and to drain a water table that is a valuable source for the surrounding area and everything south of it towards Lake Ontario."More on
We enjoyed a really grassroots-style one of a kind event out in the country-side, trying to withstand the cold and rain as long as it was fun. Some more pics here.

Friday, December 7, 2012

South Simcoe Railway


As we have quite a fan(atic) of Tchou-tchous at home we decided to take a trip up North for a Fall train ride with South Simcoe Railway. It was well worth the travels, we really enjoyed the journey back in time, the fall colours from the windows and the last day of the year where you could go topless (for the men of the family). Some more impressions can be found under the following link.
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Nuit Blanche 2011


Every year at the beginning of October Toronto offers a very unique spectacle: the "Nuit Blanche". One night from dusk till dawn dedicated to art in all its' forms: video, light & sound installations, performances, shows... many off them absolutely stunning.
Short: something you wouldn't have seen before. This type of events makes it worthwile to get some extra nap time in the afternoon and go to bed in the wee hours... well not necessarily with Johann, but I think we did a great tour which will stay engraved in our memories.
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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Business Trip to Calgary


Calgary is open for business as they say... and I was actually having quite some things to do over there. However I will spare you pictures of trucks and warehouses (actually not quite... the hot tub picture shows the local warehouse of one of the biggest supermarket chains in Canada, but you have to look close. And I couldn't refrain from taking some train pictures). But the vast majority of photos shows my evening sneak out tour to Banff to see the impressive Rocky Mountains scenery and then a city stroll the other day downtown. Why not follow me on this tour with me by clicking on the link:
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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Burlington Apple Fest


Johann and I took advantage of some beautiful fall weather to visit the Apple Fest in Burlington which takes place on the grounds of the Ireland House museum. It was really a fun event for the little ones, with music and dancing, old tractors and farm tools being displayed and all kinds of activities being offered, from pony riding to finding your way through a hay maze. More pictures here...

Ukrainian Festival


These pictures were taken at the Ukrainian festival on Bloor street: a weekend full celebration of all things Ukrainian: from treats such as pirogi, sausages and beer to traditional dancing and singing ...
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Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Very true... not only Johann is sleeping here but also our blog was put to a long sleeping period. Promised, we're getting on it! A year has passed and there are plenty things to tell you about.
Stay tuned!
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