Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Toronto Discoveries - Jane's Walk and Doors open T.O.

Spring time is also a great time to discover the city and it's neighborhoods and participate in free guided tours. Attached are some pictures from the Mimico walk, St. Laurence Market and a Hipster walk in Ossington.
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Palm Sunday Weekend

On the Palm sunday weekend we went to the Ukrainian Easter Bazar not far from our home on Lakeshore (church pictures). Best borshtsh I've ever tasted!
And the other day was not less of a gustative pleasure as we went to a newly operened Cidrerie North of Toronto. To walk off the calories we then had a hike in a nearby Conservation Area. At least Daddy hiked, Johann quickly preferred his shoulders...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Serena's Birthday

Johann was invited to his little friend Serena's birthday party. At this time of the year you can almost bet the wheather will not be very clement and so her parents had the great idea to celebrate at an indoor playground (which is also a typically Canadian invention - basically a covered play area you join after having paid an entry fee - or for free when you're invited.) Here are some impressions from toys paradise.
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