Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Sunday Brunch

These are impressions from the Easter Sunday Brunch with some of our friends at our home in Etobicoke.
A gorgeous day in the sun with a lots of great food frome Canada and France, good vibes and good wine for sure!
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Sunrise Easter Mass

We decided to get up early on Sunday morning (5:30 am) in order to attend a Sunrise mass. This remembered me of old times in my childhood where we would meet around the Easter fire to sing some songs together before heading over to the church and having a breakfast all together. The morning showed off all its' glory with a golden sun rising at the horizon just beside the skyline of Toronto. And the folks of "Martin Luther church" (you see, it's like a return to the sources) prepared an absolutely stunning (Canadian) breakfast afterwards. This being a wonderful prelude to the rest of the day...
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Easter Egg Hunt at Springridge Farm

Easter Saturday we spent a great day in the sun at Springridge farm hunting Easter Eggs, visiting Easter bunny and doing a lots of other farm activities. Thanks to Christine, my colleague Thomas' wife for this great idea!
Here are some pictures from our excursion...
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Good Friday at "The Beach"

Good Friday we wanted to give a break to Mommy and we went for a trip to "The Beach". This is a famous neighborhood in T.O. and although I was used to say "The Beaches" as almost everybody here, a friend told me on facebook that it is now called "The Beach" in singular, due to a democratic vote of the inhabitants some years ago. Needless to say that it's all about water and sand and big excitement for Johann. As the wind coming from lake Ontario was quite cold (a little 15 Celsius) we went for a city stroll downtown afterwards. Here are some pictures from our discoveries. Many thanks to the funny Chinese girls taking photos of us at the beach. They were pros having another photo shooting going on. You can judge by the pictures...
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Johann March 2010

Hey it's me!
Did you know that my parents gave me a new nick name?
"The Globetrotter"
That's because I do now crawl (army-style) to every impossible place in the house, not speaking about my other trips in the past: France, Germany, Belgium, USA....
Here are some pictures from my daily life: sleeping swimming, moving around and having a lots of fun!
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